Black History Month: Some Final Thoughts

With the end of February here, we also see the end of Black History month. With today’s final post, let us ask the question – how do we continue to be allied with our BIPOC colleagues, friends, family and acquaintances outside of Black History Month? Whether it is through continuous open dialogue in the workplace, allowing our BIPOC neighbors, friends, and family a safe space to speak their minds and continuing to be open to education about how our unconscious biases may indirectly affect the BIPOC community – it all helps. There are many resources available to help if interested. Weforum is a great starting resource for deeper insight into what we can do to lend a hand in this fight for racial equality.

While a month is not enough time to note all the Black People throughout history who have made an impact in our society, I hope that you have been able to follow along and learn something new. As I was writing this post, I came to realize that I could not pick just one last person to highlight. So here it is – this post is dedicated to the millions of African American people who wake up everyday and exist in a system that was not designed for you. Essential workers, Educators, Medical workers, Legal Workers, Housewives, mothers, daughters and sons – this post is for you. Thank you for each and every one of you – even those who will never see this – thank you – for your contributions, big or small. Happy Black History Month everyone!