Service Offerings

Our different services offerings are noted below.  Please note that we do not provide recruitment or placement services.  

HR Hotline for Employees

Our HR Hotline service provides a confidential way for employees to discuss HR matters with your dedicated HR consultant.  Employees can reach out to ask questions about employment matters or discuss issues they are facing with other employees or management. Employees can lodge complaints anonymously as well. Depending on the wishes of the employee, any issues will be brought forth to a dedicated contact or secondary contact at your company.  This service is available to employees at any time

Employee Handbooks and Policies

We will work with you to craft an employee handbook that outlines all of your employment policies, hours of work and payroll practices, standards of conduct and employee performance, benefits and services, and leaves of absence and time off.  We will also ensure that your handbook meets the legal criteria in your state. If you already have an employee handbook, we will review your handbook to ensure it encompasses all necessary policies and meets the legal criteria in your state.  During our period of service we will update the handbooks as laws and policies change

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

We will work with you to develop standard onboarding and offboarding procedures for your employees. These procedures include obtaining necessary documentation prior to their start date, performing background checks, setting up email addresses and other software logins, sending orientation information, setting up payroll, and other onboarding activities. We will also set procedures for offboarding, including final paychecks and exit interviews. Our Starter Package includes the creation of the documentation and procedures for employee onboarding and offboarding.  Our Plus and Premium Package includes the document creation, as well as carrying out the implementation of these services alongside you.

HR On Call for Employers

We will provide on call services for questions you have relating to employee relations issues, hiring or firing, benefits, payroll, and other HR matters. You can send questions that you have to your dedicated HR consultant via email. This service also includes one 30 minute call per month to discuss any questions you have.

HR Advisory Services

Our HR advisory services move beyond compliance activities to providing strategy to your company.  These services include helping improve your company culture, identifying the right organizational structure, analyzing employee costs, helping with decisions on employee benefit packages, and identifying long-term strategies when it come to hiring, retention, and succession.

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